YOTOPT 10 Inch Octa Core Tablet Review: Form A to z

The tablet that worries us right now belongs to the “low-cost” category and stands out for being the most popular in its price range in 2021. We questioned whether they actually met expectations, even for the expected essentials, given their rising popularity among users and the positive reports we’d heard about them.

Hence, we acquired one and began by examining the reviews of the YOTOPT tablet before comparing them to our own usage of it. We provide to you in this post the findings of this investigation together with the viewpoints that piqued our attention in today’s most popular model.

YOTOPT N10 tablet reviews

Let’s begin by looking at some of the reviews we have found for this tablet, the YOTOPT N10 model, one of the newest from the company but one that is gradually gaining popularity with customers:

It is useful but of poor quality, while being very functional for the price. Although we can’t expect too much, it will work well for most everyday tasks.

It moves quite smoothly and appears to have good brightness. The battery charges completely in two hours and operates for one to three days.

“I use it regularly and it arrives close to the two days of autonomy. I use it for series, games, and diapositives, so it has no issues working. The fact that it comes with several accessories is a great detail; the teclado makes it much easier to handle.

“It is a team that is in line with the price for which you get it, has a nice appearance, and a screen that is fairly adequate. Though it may use a little more gloss, I’m generally satisfied with my purchase.

Our review of the YOTOPT N10 Tablet

The YOTOPT N10 is a sub-$130 tablet with average quality and passable performance. We believe that allowing your kids to browse or view stuff online is ideal.

We anticipate that over the coming months, it will establish itself as one of Amazon’s top sellers in the low-end tablet market, similar to the brand’s X109 model.

Our opinion on the YOTOPT X109: The brand’s best-selling tablet

We welcome you to read our review of the YOTOPT X109 since it is a model that has been well received and has a very high volume of sales, which exceeds 13,500 copies, after this little tour of user thoughts about an update to the YOTOPT tablet:

Design and materials

We discover a product that is visually appealing and evocative of the iPad, which costs hundreds of times as much. Even the high-end device’s home button is imitated, but in this instance the Android touch panel is being used to reach the Home menu.

Although the finish quality is not great and the chassis is made of ASB plastic, which is to be expected at this price, it is the assembling that most dissatisfies us. The keyboard stands out among the peripherals because the mouse, keyboard, and capacitive pen are all of poor quality.

The sleeve that enables the tablet to be held at a comfortable angle for operation with the keyboard is also provided. Although we did not anticipate an aluminum finish and 10 accessories for 125 dollars, we would have appreciated fewer extras and greater attention to the terminal’s structural soundness.

YOTOPT 10.1 Inch Android 11 Tablet, Tablets Octa-Core Processor, 64GB Storage, 1TB Expandable, 2.5D IPS Display, GPS, WiFi, FM, 8MP Camera, Type C, Bl 直売新品 |


As for the screen, we have a 10.1-inch IPS panel in HD resolution. The problem here is not the resolution, which for some devices is more than enough for adequate image quality for multimedia: The issue here is that, with only 160 pixels per inch, these are visible even from a distance.

The calibration of colours and contrasts is not its strong point either: to navigate, watch videos and review documents is worth it, but not much more.


We have dual speakers, a normal amount for the price range. However, the audio system is scarce or: it lacks bass and to have a good experience when watching movies or listening to music, you have to wear headphones.


We might be shocked to learn that such a cheap tablet has a quad-core processor and 4 GB of RAM when we look at the specifications the maker provides.

The truth is that it has a processor model that has only been around for about 5 years, and it doesn’t really work well with Android 10, which it has as an operating system.

We especially have a Mali T720 MP3 graphics coprocessor at 700 MHz and a MediaTek 8125 Quad-core Cortex A53 at 1.3 GHz: Even by the standards of those who begin in the tablet world, the consequence of this combination is a relatively slow experience.

We have 64 GB of storage space, which is a respectable amount, and it is expandable by a further 128 GB via a micro SD card. a component of the tablet

Tableta YOTOPT N10, Octa-core 10", 4GB RAM, 64GB, Android 10.0, 4G, Wi-Fi, Alb/Auriu -


Two SIM cards can fit in our slots, allowing us to connect to an LTE network. We have been able to access and analyze network profiles when testing connectivity with data, although streaming material degrades the experience a little.

FM radio, Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz round up the rest of the features.

Operating system

Although it is welcomed to have the most recent operating system upgrade, this tablet comes with Android 10 pre-installed and free of bloatware. In terms of the hardware, we question whether Android 9 would have been a better choice for the manufacturer for increased fluidity.

YOTOPT X109-EEA - Tablet Android 10" [4GB RAM 64GB ROM] »


Here, the 5 MPx rear and 2 MPx front cameras offer nothing noteworthy. There are some working cameras, but nothing more. In either case, you shouldn’t have high expectations for the cameras on entry-level and midrange tablets.

Our Conclusions

After this open evaluation of the YOTOPT, we can only conclude the following on its functionality and user experience:

In our opinion, the YOTOPT tablet is an excellent investment if you plan to give it to your kids so they may browse the web or consult documents. Since that the user experience is not comparable to that of a high-end tablet, it is relatively basic and without requirements.

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