The Best Prices Canon MG Printer of 2023: That is Canon Pixma MG8250 Printer

The highest model in Canon’s current line of photo enthusiasts-focused printers is the Pixma MG8250. In an effort to generate the highest quality images possible, it takes six ink cartridges. Nevertheless, it also offers a ton of other cool capabilities, such as duplex printing, negative scanning, and Wi-Fi compatibility. If purchased online, it will cost you about $250.

Bold style

In essence, the MG8250 is a large matte black, rectangular box with elegantly rounded corners. Located on the top of the device is a large 8.8 cm color display. This display is not a touchscreen, in contrast to many contemporary versions from companies like Kodak and HP. Instead, Canon has placed several touch controls below it that light up as you choose certain functions. Although it isn’t nearly as quick as using a touchscreen, it still makes this model’s menus simple to use.

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A memory card reader that supports Compact Flash, SD, and Memory Stick formats is hidden behind a flap on the front. Up to 105 sheets can fit in the bottom paper tray’s cassette design. A plastic tray that you may put CDs or DVDs onto for direct disc printing is also offered by Canon.

Uncomplicated setup


Canon Pixma MG8250 Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer Review | ePHOTOzine
This model is simple to assemble. Installing the ink cartridges, loading the drivers onto your computer, and placing some paper in the paper tray should be all that is required. The majority of the procedure is explained through on-screen animations. The printer features Ethernet, USB, and onboard Wi-Fi interfaces, and you may choose your connection type while setting up the software on your computer.

Copying and scanning

The scanner on the MG8250 is unique because in addition to scanning images and printed documents, you can also use it to scan transparencies and negatives. Two little push-in clips are located on either side of the scanner when you open the lid, allowing you to detach the white reflector and access the slide holder.

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Also, the resolution of the scanner has been increased to 4,800×9,600 pixels to improve its efficiency while handling slides and film negatives. The scan quality is excellent; colors are reproduced precisely, and it does a fantastic job of catching finer detail in images.

Naturally, photocopying may also be done using the scanner. It was able to produce our black-and-white test page in just 12 seconds, when most competing models take about 18 seconds. It is incredibly rapid to use for this purpose. The outcomes were likewise quite good; copies closely resembled the originals in appearance.

Print quality and speed

This model’s quick print rates will appeal to you if you use your printer frequently; you won’t have to wait around for very long before it produces its output. One of the quickest inkjet models we’ve used, it printed our 10-page black-and-white text document in only one minute and five seconds. Duplex printing has always been a lengthy process for Canon printers, although this model doesn’t perform poorly. Five double-sided pages of our material took about two minutes and 53 seconds to print.

Canon Pixma MG8250 Reviews, Pros and Cons | TechSpot

It was also quick when printing in color. Our corporate presentation was done in a snappy two minutes and five seconds, while our 10-page graphics test took just three minutes and six seconds. It is also the quickest picture printing device we’ve tried; our 4×6-inch photo was printed in only 32 seconds.

The additional good news is that quality is not sacrificed in order to achieve these speeds. Rich, brilliant colors and amazing levels of detail reproduction, particularly in the image’s darkest sections, made photo prints seem stunning.

Banding was virtually absent from our business presentation, but the colors and graphics test had excellent detail. It’s also not a slouch at printing text. It is a great compliment to say that the text on our test paper was so sharp and exact that it might have been mistaken for the output from a high-quality laser printer.


Although the MG8250 is not the most affordable printer to purchase or operate, it does offer excellent print quality for text, graphics, and photographs. One of the quickest print speeds in the industry. You may create a top-notch picture printer by including a large selection of features.

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