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The 8 Best Remote Camera Triggers For 2023

How do you use your expert camera to take a self-portrait? How can you take pictures and videos without touching your camera directly and messing with how it’s set up? What should you do to position a camera in a confined space and work remotely? The answer to these queries is a remote trigger for a camera.
There are plenty of options available when looking to purchase the best camera remote trigger. Yet not all of them are worthwhile investments. For your convenience, we have chosen and reviewed only the top camera remote triggers. We also include a method for using a phone as a remote trigger for a camera.

Why Would You Need a Camera Remote Trigger?

A camera remote shutter allows you to remotely activate your camera’s shutter. It enables you to remotely operate your camera. The paired camera will begin shooting when you press the trigger button on the remote control. To halt shooting, press the trigger button one more time. As a result, you can capture any scene hands-free without even the slightest camera shake.
When you want to take individual and group photos, it is very helpful. It is equally important when you have perfectly positioned your camera and do not want to physically press the shutter button to disturb the arrangement. The focus won’t be even slightly disturbed because there won’t be any slight camera movement without physical contact.

What varieties of camera remote controls are there?

Wired and wireless camera remote controls are the two main types of remote controls available.
Wired Camera Remote: A wired camera remote maintains a constant connection with the camera. Depending on the user’s action, it uses the wire to transmit signals to the camera. Nowadays, people don’t use wired camera remotes because they don’t want to carry around a long cord. It appears difficult to take photos or videos when the remote control is wired to the camera. In contrast, there is no possibility of signal transmission interference.
An infrared or radio signal is used by a wireless camera remote to communicate with the camera. But if the feature is enabled on both devices, a wireless camera remote can also communicate with the camera using Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi signals. We will only talk about the top wireless camera remotes because they are the most practical.

The 8 Best Wireless Remote Shutters for Cameras

You will have a ton of options when looking for the best wireless camera remote control online. You will encounter literally countless wireless camera remotes.
Most of them make a lot of promises but deliver very little. For this reason, we have chosen the best ones for you so that you can select from them based on your needs.

Canon RC-6

This is the authorized camera remote trigger if you have a Canon camera. All of the well-known Canon cameras are compatible with the wireless remote. To determine whether the remote control is compatible with your Canon camera or not, check the specifications. It so happens to be the most popular and best camera remote trigger overall.

Even though there are many remote controls available with greater range, the operating range of 16 feet is respectable. Depending on your needs, you can choose between an immediate shutter release and a two-second delayed release. For compatible cameras, a bulb mode is offered.

Pixel TW-283

This is the wireless camera remote control you need if you want a long range. The remote control’s 80-meter range should be sufficient for all needs. It has more features than a typical wireless camera remote.
Starting with continuous shooting and ending with delay shooting, there are four different shooting modes available. There are various divisions within the dedicated timer schedule shooting for professional photographers and videographers.
The remote control has a 30 channel anti-interference feature to completely eliminate interference. Although it supports other camera brands in addition to Canon cameras, it is most compatible with Canon cameras. Both the transmitter and the receiver that you receive in the package run on two AA batteries.

AmazonBasics Wireless Remote

Customers on a tight budget can purchase from AmazonBaiscs, a trustworthy and cost-effective brand. This wireless remote control is a respectable item that only works with Canon DSLR cameras. From a distance of up to 10 feet, you can remotely open the shutter on a Canon camera.

As a result, you can easily take family portraits without having to touch the camera that may be mounted on a tripod. Naturally, there won’t be any vibration and no blurry pictures. The battery-operated device is packaged in a pouch bag for storage. If your Canon camera is compatible, you should look at the specifications.

RFN-4s Wireless

The wireless remote shutter release listed here is most likely to work with your Nikon camera if you own one. In actuality, the remote control’s 320-foot maximum operational range is the highest. This is so that it can wirelessly connect to the camera using Wi-Fi signal. To prevent interference, 16 different channels are available.
For long-exposure photography, the remote control offers the most popular bulb mode. One AAA battery powers the remote control. Certain Nikon cameras can also fit the remote receiver because of its compact structure. Thanks to improved antennas and pins, the receiver is able to receive the signal.

Hahnel Capture Remote

Nikon cameras are compatible with this remote trigger for the camera. The device has a 100 meter operating range. Professional photographers and videographers can use the remote control. There are numerous modes available, including bulb mode in addition to single and continuous shooting.
Additionally, timelapse and long-exposure photography modes are available. The interval timer can be fully customized to your needs and is fully programmable. However, the item weighs more than average, which some people may find uncomfortable. Additionally, the transmitter and receiver each require two AA batteries to function.

Hama Remote Wireless DCCS

The maximum operating range of this wireless remote is about 500 feet. The structure of the transmitter and receiver is small. To comfortably mount the receiver on the camera, you can use an adapter. A two-stage shutter release is included.
There is a button specifically for operating in bulb mode. Burst mode also has a timer setting. A variety of camera brands are compatible with the remote control. Two AA batteries are used to power it. The interference-avoiding mechanism, however, is not robust.

PHOLSY Remote Control for Camera Timer

With 11 unique buttons, this remote control is sophisticated. The operation range is approximately 60 meters, so all tasks should be completed without difficulty. There are various shooting modes, including single, continuous, and delayed. You also have access to the well-liked bulb mode for a long-exposure shot.
There are five different settings available for timing control. For various cameras, the remote control supports various types of connecting cables. Different brands of cameras are compatible with the camera remote trigger. In actuality, it is the camera remote control on our list that is most compatible.

Xenvo Shutterbug

This is the remote camera trigger that you need if you have an iPhone or an Android device. iPhone and iPad models running iOS 5.0 or higher are compatible with the phone camera remote trigger. Additionally, it works with Android devices running version 4.3 or higher. To take pictures and videos, mount your phone on a tripod and press the shutter button from a distance.
Bluetooth connections to phones are incredibly simple. Whether it is connected or not is indicated by an indicator. The device uses Bluetooth 3.0, which operates without lag. The structure is small and has a 30-foot operational range. The best remote phone camera trigger, without a doubt.


When you’re going to participate in a photoshoot, such as a self-portrait or family portrait, a camera remote trigger is a necessity. A compatible camera remote trigger should be bought. For you to browse through and select the ideal one for remote camera shutter operation, we have chosen and listed the best camera remote triggers.

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