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Review The Best SD Card Cases: Wallets And Cases To Carry Your Memory Cards In 2023

Our guide to the best SD card cases for photographers highlights several alternatives for protecting your memory cards from unintentional harm.

SD card cases are necessary for protecting your memory cards(opens in new tab) (and will usually also work with other card formats too). Not only do they allow you to keep all of your cards in one place, so that your kit bag is neat and organized, but many are also designed to offer optimum security, so you can rest certain that all of your collected photographs and videos are safe and secure.

Examine the options to choose which memory card cover is ideal for you and your camera…

1. Consider the ThinkTank Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket.

The loss of a memory card is one of the greatest concerns for photographers, especially after an important photo shoot. The ThinkTank Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket is designed to be useful, but goes above and beyond to prevent you from dropping a card when traveling or on location. This is essentially a remake of the ever-popular ThinkTank Pocket Rocket, except the memory card pockets now include zippers to prevent inadvertent opening. The interior features six compartments with transparent fronts that allow you to see your cards at a glance and can hold up to twelve SD cards, six CompactFlash or CFExpress Type B cards. A lanyard is included so that you may attach the entire pouch to the inside of a camera bag, and there is also a belt loop if you wish to keep your memories even closer. An identifying glass on the exterior is a clever technique to display your name or business card, so that even if you lose the case, it may be returned to you.

2. Pelican 0915 case

Pelican cases (or Peli cases, as they are called outside of North America) are used globally to transport fragile objects. Nonetheless, this model is among the tiniest of its renowned hard casings (opens in new tab). The Pelican 0915 (also known as Peli 0915) is waterproof and shockproof with an ingress protection rating of IP54. The answer is an emphatic affirmative. SD card cases are essential for photographers. The choice of case type is entirely up to you. But, a quality memory card case is as as crucial as the cards themselves.

A quality SD card case provides protection first. Memory cards are tiny and delicate. Yet it does not take much to lose or damage them. A dependable memory card holder provides a secure location to store memory cards. It safeguards them at the house or office. Yet, they also protect them when you are out photographing with your camera.

Twelve SD cards, six microSD cards, and even six obsolete miniSD cards can be stored concurrently without coming free.

3. Reconsider House of Cards

This easily pocketable wrap can hold six CF and three SD cards, with the CF pouches just snug enough to accommodate SD cards instead. The main drawback is that the wallet’s design requires you to roll the wrap open and shut, which is somewhat time-consuming. Nonetheless, the elastic band allows it to open softly, which is essential for wildlife photography.

4. HPRC 1300

In this impact-, water-, and dust-resistant case, your photo and video files will be invulnerable. TTX01 plastic resin is used in all HPRC cases to provide military-grade durability and watertight protection.

Internally, four CF, SD, and Memory Stick cards can fit in rubber moldings, but we found them to be a bit too snug, making access slow.

5. Combination LensCoat Memory Wallet 66

Do you dislike bulky hard cases? This wallet’s compact form allows for the storage of six CF cards and six SD cards.

The wallet has a silent elastic clasp and a clip-on tether for transport. Each internal pocket has a transparent window, allowing you to quickly identify which card you need.

There are six tiny variants available: Black, Green, Navy, Realtree Max4, Realtree AP Snow, Digital Camo, and Forest Green.

The LensCoat Memory Wallet Combination 66’s only minor drawback is the time required to roll it shut!

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The finest SD card case provides protection, organization, and use. There are numerous memory card holders available. But, the finest SD card case is the one that matches your photographic needs.

The card capacity of the case is an essential feature. This indicates the number of memory cards the case can contain. If you’re a casual photographer, you may only need a modest case. Yet, busy professionals will want a large capacity card case.

Also, you must ensure that the casing is suitable with the memory cards you employ. Memory cards come in many sizes and forms. And you must ensure that your cards will fit in the case before purchasing one.

The exterior dimensions are crucial for storage and transport. Does the SD card case fit inside your camera bag? You should also search for additional transportation conveniences. Frequently, SD card cases contain hooks or straps for attaching to a bag or to yourself.

The table below provides an overview of the finest SD card cases. This section examines each memory card holder in greater depth. In addition, we offer a Frequently Asked Questions section at the conclusion if you require additional information.

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