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Review The Best Camera Bags And Cases For Photographers In 2023

The best camera bags are designed to safeguard your camera equipment from the environment, accidental drops, and spills. Unlike a typical bag, they keep your photographic equipment near at hand and easily accessible, as well as well-organized within.

There are numerous sizes and types of camera bags, so which one is ideal for you? This article discusses the benefits and downsides of camera bags and recommends some of the best ones available for purchase today.

These are the various types of camera bags and their potential uses.
Shoulder bags are ideal if you want to keep things basic. When your gear is stored in a shoulder bag, it is typically quite simple to access, as there is only a single strap. Obviously, the downside is that you must carry everything on one shoulder, so you should not overload or carry it for too long.

You may also hear messenger bags used to refer to shoulder bags (opens in new tab). They are comparable, however they have greater space for a laptop and other items. If you bring a camera, this is the best option.

1. Peak Design Daily Messenger 13 V2

Photographers adore the Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag; it could be considered the prototypical camera bag. The Everyday Messenger 13 V2 is a bag that can be used for many years by the great majority of photographers due to its combination of simple yet stylish design, ample internal capacity, and FlexFold dividers that allow for interior customization.

As previously stated, the FlexFold dividers allow you to adjust the inside to fit your equipment by creating padded and secure spaces for your cameras and lenses. That works nicely with the majority of configurations; a small camera may require a bit more fussing to keep it from bouncing around, but it’s entirely feasible. It is a compartment for a 13-inch laptop and other pockets for additional stuff.

2. Morally Dangerous Ghost

With a detachable shoulder strap and two alternate sets of fastening loops, the Morally Toxic Wraith(opens in new tab) may be worn as either a shoulder or sling bag. Its onyx, emerald, and sapphire color scheme possibilities, combined with its creative architectural flourishes and exceptional construction quality, are a far cry from uniform black.

Overall, it has an advantage over numerous competitors. The Wraith is an excellent option for transporting your photographic equipment and daily items in stylishly and with enough protection.

3. Billingham Eventer MKII

The Billingham Eventer MKII(opens in new tab) has a hand-made, heritage appearance that is both aesthetically pleasing and exquisitely built. Its tall, briefcase-style dimensions make it convenient to transport and store, but while it accommodates longer lenses, you’ll likely have to double-stack much of your equipment.

The Eventer MKII lacks smaller compartments and pockets for cables, cards, and batteries, and it’s a bit too narrow for a professional DSLR or a camera with a handle attached. And then there’s the price, which makes it unattainable for most photographers. On paper, it can be difficult to comprehend what makes the Eventer MKII so remarkable, but when you use it, everything becomes clear.

4. Billingham Hadeston Pro

The Hadley Pro is a beautiful example of Billingham’s renowned high-end and elegant camera bags. Even though it is a shoulder bag, it can hold a substantial amount of equipment. You can fit a full-frame DSLR body, a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, a 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom (without tripod collar), plus a flashgun if you so choose. You can, however you may not want to (consider your shoulder!)

Obviously, if you are carrying a great deal of equipment, the optional shoulder pad will be worth the price, and there are also additional ‘AVEA’ side pockets available. The straps are made of genuine leather, thus vegetarians and animal lovers should avoid this item.

5. Tenba Skyline 13

The sleek, redesigned Skyline 13 messenger bag from Tenba is ideal for zipping across the city with your camera gear. It can accommodate a mirrorless or DSLR camera with three to five lenses and a 13-inch laptop in its designated pocket. This gear will also be protected from the elements by the durable, water-repellent fabric (which Tenba is confident enough in to omit a specific rain cover), and there are a plethora of additional features such as a carry-handle and extra zippered compartments for miscellaneous items.

The interior dividers are configurable to a limited extent due to the restricted surface area for the Velcro to adhere to, which is a bit of a disappointment, but this is still a terrific, fashionable bag for the price and highly recommended. Pick from the displayed grey or the more traditional black option.

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There are numerous ways to organize a camera bag, depending on what you intend to accomplish upon arrival. For instance, if you have time and space to set up, you may not mind where you arrange your camera and favorite lenses, but if you don’t, you may want your gear ready to go on top.

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