Review Of The Nikon Z Fc: A Vintage Mirrorless Camera With Modern Performance

The Nikon Z fc, Nikon’s newest mirrorless camera, combines a traditional design with an up-to-date DX/APS-C sensor. The Nikon Z fc is praised for its internal shooting capabilities in addition to its impressive appearance, making it the perfect gadget for young people who love fashion and photography. However, let’s review the specifications of this camera with VJShop through the article below in order to evaluate the Nikon Z fc as accurately as possible.

Nikon Z fc has a classy, fashionable design

The Nikon Z fc has a design that is similar to Nikon’s FM and FE SLR cameras; however, it lacks a protruding grip for a better grip. This design also helps to make the Z fc lighter and smaller, making it a more portable and compact camera.
The dials for the ISO, shutter speed, and exposure compensation are all made of solid aluminum, and rather than being printed or glued on a very delicate surface, the numbers are engraved. Additionally, there is a button in the center of each of the two ISO and shutter speed adjustment rings to prevent unintentionally changing these settings. Additionally, there is a tiny switch at the bottom of the shutter speed dial that enables users to quickly switch from still photography to movie recording or the opposite.

High-quality images and videos

The Nikon Z fc can take clear, professional still photos and videos even in low light thanks to its 20.9MP DX CMOS sensor, EXPEED 6 image processor, and wide Z-mount for better light capture. low-light situation For incredibly finely detailed, razor-sharp, and vivid images, ISO speed can be increased up to 204,800.
The Nikon Z fc can still record 4K Ultra HD video at 30 frames per second (fps), 25 frames per second (fps), or the full 24 frames per second. The sensor’s resolution will be maximized in particular when used with Nikkor Z lenses to aid in producing videos with the most accurate depth and clarity.

Flexible rear LCD screen with tilt

The first Z-mount camera with a tiltable rear LCD screen is the Nikon Z fc. Users can fold the screen and apply it to the back of the camera to protect the LCD screen during long trips as well as rotate the screen forward to record vlogs.

Faster data transfer via USB-Type C port

A built-in USB-Type C port on the side of the body enables users to directly power the camera or charge the battery. The Z50’s ports cannot transfer data as quickly as this USB interface can.

Updating firmware with a smartphone

The capability of Z fc to get firmware updates from smartphones is another new feature. Users can use all the most recent camera features thanks to this without losing out on a useful feature. As can be seen, Nikon has given fans a two-in-one device that is both a lifestyle accessory and a shooting device with the new innovations on the Nikon Z fc. The best option for those who love photography is high quality.

Details of the Nikon Z fc

Many rumors claimed that the Nikon Z fc would be thin and flexible before it was even released. As a result of its lack of a grip, the machine is incredibly thin and light, measuring only 134.5mm in length, 93.5mm in height, 43.5mm in thickness, and weighing about 390g. The body is also constructed from a durable magnesium alloy. Users will be able to easily carry the device around with them and be inventive in any situation thanks to this design. The Nikon Z fc also features a 3-inch, 1.04 million-dot touch screen that can be rotated to improve user comfort while taking photos and recording videos. A 2.36 million-dot OLED electronic viewfinder with 1.02x magnification is also a feature of the Z fc, which is similar to the Z50.

The capacity to take photos

The Nikon Z fc and Nikon Z 50 are very similar in terms of internal design. First off, like the Z 50, the Z fc has a 20.9 MP APS-C sensor and an EXPEED 6 processor, which enables it to capture images with vivid colors, accuracy, high definition, and maximum noise reduction in low light. Additionally, the device can shoot continuously at 11 frames per second in full focus mode and 9 frames per second in 14-bit RAW mode. The ISO range of the camera is 100 to 51200 and increases to 204800, but we believe the device will produce the best images at ISO levels under 6400.
The Nikon Z fc, which occupies 87% of the sensor, has 209 focus points. The Z fc has the same ability to focus on human and animal eyes, including those of dogs and cats, as the Z 5 or Z 50. For users in general and vloggers in particular, this feature is incredibly helpful.

People immediately questioned whether the Nikon Z fc has the same film simulation color sets as Fujifilm’s cameras upon seeing the Z fc’s appearance. Unfortunately, I must say that the Nikon Z fc currently lacks this capability. The machine will, according to the announcement, have 20 color filters that the business refers to as “Picture Control”—a function found on almost all Nikon cameras. Although the Nikon Z fc does not currently have this capability, we can still hope that Nikon will include it in a future firmware update.
The Nikon Z fc has modern features and technologies despite its vintage appearance. Additionally, when taking incredibly beautiful photos, the images from Z fc produce high detail, realistic, and impressive colors, particularly the skin tone. In keeping with its intended use, the simple machine will assist users in finding joy and inspiration each time they take pictures or create something. The Nikon Z fc is a camera that is “specifically designed for high performance, but also a reminder to slow down and appreciate every moment,” according to Nikon.

Possibilities for recording video

The Nikon Z fc has excellent video capabilities in addition to its ability to capture lovely images. In fact, the Nikon Z fc retains the eye-AF and crop-free capabilities found on the Nikon Z 5 and can record 4K video at 24/25/30 frames per second (fps). As an added bonus, the Nikon Z fc can easily produce 4K timelapse movies right on the camera.
The device can record up to 120 frames per second in fullHD format, which is sufficient to create stunning slow-motion movies. Although it is unfortunate that the Nikon Z fc lacks N-log, the device is still outfitted with a “flat profile” for those who enjoy shooting and color grading videos. Additionally, the Nikon Z fc has a minor flaw in that it can only record for up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds.


Overall, the Nikon F zc is a strange, distinctive, and fascinating camera. The Z fc is equipped with the most cutting-edge and modern technologies the company has to offer, despite its nostalgic appearance of vintage SLR cameras. As a result, the machine is not only attractive and small, but it can also produce high-quality images or videos. The Nikon Z fc will be ideal for users who enjoy nostalgia but still desire to own a device that can handle the demands of everyday shooting.

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