GoPro MAX Full Review: The Best 360 Action Camera

With the GoPro MAX camera, GoPro wants you to take in the world in all its 360-degree splendor.

The GoPro MAX combines the HERO 8 with 360-degree Fusion, with some unique additional capabilities that really emphasize the “MAX” in the name. Max HyperSmooth stabilization, Max TimeWarp-lapsing, and Max SuperView wide-angle recording are all included in the camera. The MAX has greater capabilities than the GoPro HERO 8 overall.

GoPro MAX style

The 2.5 x 2.7 x 1.6-inch GoPro MAX resembles a GoPro Hero 8 that has been stretched into a square and has had a second camera added to the rear. It stands out in sharp contrast to the majority of 360-degree cameras, such the stick-like Insta360 One X.

GoPro Max Review: A Smarter, Easier-to-Use 360 Camera | Digital Trends

Due to the form of the GoPro MAX, a selfie stick is required to operate it. Thankfully, the manufacturer gave the Max foldable “fingers” on the bottom so you could attach it to GoPro accessories without needing a separate bag for the camera.

A little tripod pole that is included with the MAX fastens to the camera base with a single screw. GoPro advises purchasing the $60 MAX Grip Tripod (opens in new tab) if you want consistently stick-free video, though.

The 1.7-inch color touch screen of the GoPro MAX serves as a viewfinder. It provides a clear glimpse of what you’re shooting and is simple to see in direct sunlight.

Features of GoPro MAX videos

Three alternative camera modes are offered by the GoPro MAX: a single lens (like any GoPro Hero), a front-facing viewpoint, and immersive 360-degree footage. During shooting, you can’t move between them, but you can quickly change settings to record a range of clips.

There are four distinct digital lens choices when utilizing the front and back facing cameras in HERO mode. Prior GoPro versions introduced the narrow, linear, and wide lenses; however, the GoPro MAX is the first to have the Max Superview lens. Compared to earlier GoPro models, the superview lens on this model is 26 degrees wider. You can notice outstanding clarity and coverage in a video I made while standing on a dock with Boston Harbor in the background.

GoPro MAX - Review 2023 - DIVEIN

You could also observe how steady the clip appears. While the chilly weather of late October made my hands tremble, the Max HyperSmooth setting steadied my shot rather well.

Horizon Leveling, another new “Max” function, keeps the horizon steady when recording videos. I witnessed the impact being shown while being fastened to a cheetah. The far edge of the grassland remained steady when Horizon Leveling was active, as opposed to the camera’s dizzying wobbling when it wasn’t. Similar functionality is also in Insta360’s One X, so we’re curious to see how they stack up.

While shooting in 360 degrees, the GoPro Max does a fantastic job of stitching the scene together immediately on the camera. On my phone, a 360° replay of a film I recorded at rush hour in Grand Central Station was immediately available. Although there is a little stitch when I am standing directly behind the camera, the movie as a whole is good.

You can also utilize Max TimeWarp to capture 360-degree films, though I didn’t try that. TimeWarp was initially introduced on the GoPro HERO 7 Black, but the GoPro MAX is the first device that lets users create immersive films using the technology. Max TimeWarp enables you to wander around a scene and record stabilized time lapse films.

Features of GoPro MAX photography

The GoPro MAX can shoot shots of everything you see in the viewfinder, but its photographic prowess really shines in 6.2MP, 270-degree panoramic pictures.

Integration of the GoPro MAX app

The GoPro MAX and the GoPro app may be connected to reflect what the camera is recording on your smartphone. The app serves as a remote for the camera when it is linked to the Max’s Wi-Fi. You can capture video, snap photographs and even set up a Facebook live broadcast hands-free with the GoPro Max.

GoPro Max Review: The Best 360 Action Camera EVER

You may edit and share video directly from the app on your phone. For your projects, you may even use footage from your phone’s gallery that isn’t GoPro.

Several changes to GoPro’s editing studio were just released. Preset themes, single-clip editing, and additional filters are now available to users. Moreover, 360-degree video may be reframed, and the segments can be customized. Simply choose the field of view you want, and the GoPro software will pan automatically to produce a seamless movie. In the demonstration, GoPro was able to quickly edit a 360-degree footage into an interesting action clip.

Review of the GoPro MAX: Final

The GoPro MAX combines all of the HERO 8’s fantastic features with substantial upgrades and 360-degree capability. It’s a very expensive camera at $500, but you get more than simply a GoPro or a 360-degree camera.

When it comes to video quality, this gadget meets brand expectations, and we particularly appreciate its updated video settings, additional microphones, and automated 360-degree mode stitching. Also, the accompanying app’s editing capabilities are fantastic. Overall, it merits a spot on the list of top GoPro cameras.

We think the Insta360 One X2 is the best 360 camera because it has more advanced video editing tools and is simpler to carry without a selfie stick. In any case, this GoPro 360-degree camera is living up to its MAX moniker.

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