Exact And Thorough 2023 Review Of The Sony Alpha A6600 Camera

When Sony officially unveiled the APS-C crop sensor mirrorless camera in the A6000 series at the end of 2019, the company made a significant breakthrough in the camera industry. This fantastic item is known as the Sony Alpha a6600. This is an improved model over the a6500. Sony’s introduction of the a6600 promises to make the company well-known in the technology industry.

Detailed assessment of the outstanding product Sony a6600

The Sony a6600 has been significantly upgraded and improved over its predecessors. One of them is the BIONZ X processor, which works with the 24.2MP Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor to support 4K to 30p video recording. The Sony a6600 also has the following noteworthy features:

A portable size for flexibility

The Sony a6600 resembles the other a6000 series cameras in appearance. The body is constructed from a sturdy, resilient magnesium alloy that can withstand minor impacts. The Sony a6600 is very portable, measuring 120.0 x 66.9 x 69.3mm and weighing only about 500g. The Sony a660 differs from earlier models in terms of appearance as well. Compared to the a6500, the grip is especially protruding and includes a second function button to replace the flash button.

Impressive LCD screen that tilts

A 3.0 inch LCD screen system is included with the Sony a6600. This screen has 921,000 pixels built in. It can be tilted specifically up 180° and down 74°. extremely practical for shooting from high or low angles. Users have the option to flip the screen over at the same time for simple selfies.

State-of-the-art Sony a6600 White Magic technology

Sony has combined White Magic technology with an RGB pixel structure for the a6600’s screen in order to display images. With the aid of this feature, the brightness can be raised to support use in daylight.
long-lasting OLED viewfinder
Additionally, the Sony a6600 has a 0.39″ OLED viewfinder. The machine’s intricate optical setup has a 0.70x magnification. The Sony a6600 also has a 23mm eye point at the same time. The device’s shutter is made to be incredibly durable and can withstand about 200,000 rounds.

A strong dust resistance that increases machine longevity

amazing product The exceptional dust and water resistance of the Sony a6600 makes it stand out as well. Additionally, the machine is weather-resistant and adaptable. The Sony a6600 can now be used by users to operate in any challenging circumstances thanks to this improvement.

Has the fastest autofocus in the world

The Sony a6600’s quick autofocus is one of its best features. The a6600’s focusing speed only requires 0.02 sheets of paper thanks to Real-time Tracking AF and Real-time Eye AF, two of Sony’s most recent autofocus systems. The photographer can use this system to automatically focus on people or animal eyes. While taking pictures and making movies, motion AF tracking is simple. In addition, High-density AF Tracking technology was upgraded for the Alpha a6600. in order to follow motion in various low-light situations. Additionally, the Sony a6600 has an AF/AE tracking mode that allows it to shoot 11 photos per second.

Resistance to vibration for effective work

The anti-shake system on the camera body is carried over to the Sony a6600 for the benefit of users. The anti-vibration function of this system lasts for almost one second. This helps to avoid blurry photos and videos even when the user’s hand is shaking. One of the benefits of the Sony a6600 is its ability to win over users.

Fantastic picture quality

The most cutting-edge 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS Exmor sensor currently available is in the a6600. Which is. Its 1.8 times faster new BIONZ X processor chip. To boost processing power, the a6600 also includes an anti-aliasing filter and an LSI front-end LSI.

Support for fluid video recording

The Sony a6600 supports the ability to record 4K movies at 100 Mbps in addition to the photo feature. Additionally, the standard 1080p to 120fps and 100Mbps resolutions of the a6600 produce excellent video quality. With a quick focus speed and a feature called Log options that aid in powerful video editing.

Large battery capacity reduces use-related interruptions

The switch from the NP-FW50 to the NP-FZ100 battery is one of the most notable improvements of the a6600 series. In this series, this battery has the highest capacity. With its upper marginal capacity, the Sony a6600 can record video for 140–150 minutes and take up to 810 shots (CIPA). helps vloggers or photographers avoid interruptions while recording and taking pictures.

Additional characteristics that set the Sony a6600 apart from competing cameras

The Sony a6600 is outfitted with numerous exceptional features that drive technology enthusiasts “crazy” in addition to the aforementioned outstanding features, including the following:

  • Effective time-lapse photography is supported by the built-in intervalometer.
  • the best autofocus system in the world.
  • Nearly the entire frame is covered by the machine’s additional 425 phase-detection focus points.
  • 11 frames per second continuous shooting with constant brightness and focus under various circumstances
  • Real-time Eye AF enables accurate human and animal photography and videography.

How much does the Sony a6600 cost to purchase in Vietnam?

The Sony a6600 is highly sought after in the Vietnamese international market thanks to its noteworthy features and improvements.
The Sony a6600 body is available for purchase in the international market for a starting price of $1400, or VND 32.5 million. The machine’s Sony 18-135mm kit lens costs 1,800 USD, which is equivalent to 41.8 million VND.
The Sony a6600 has a list price of VND 35,990,000 and is officially sold in the Vietnamese camera market (VAT included). Additionally, you can save money by purchasing a used Sony a6600 while maintaining quality.
The Sony a6600, which is in the mid-range price range, is a good choice for beginners or those looking to experiment with photography and videography.
The Sony a6600 is one of the Sony family products with impressive sales due to its outstanding features. The Sony a6600 is deemed to be generally suitable for those who operate a travel channel, Vlog, or provide wedding services. Hopefully, the reviews above will give you more ideas when you want to buy a camera.


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