Canon G2260 Full Review In 2023: Simple Printer But With Many Features

For family use, the Canon PIXMA G2260 MegaTank All-In-One printer is adequate. The cost-per-print is astounding due to the printer’s utilization of four ink tanks, which produce an extraordinarily high volume of pages for both black-and-white and color papers. If you wish to digitize photographs, it has a flatbed scanner with a high resolution and color depth. Color accuracy and picture quality for prints are just passable and not suggested for professional usage, but they ought to be enough for casual photography. Pictures print out rapidly, while papers take much longer. It strangely lacks the USB connector needed for printing and sadly lacks both wireless connectivity options and an Ethernet port.

Construction and Design Excellence

The build quality of the Canon PIXMA G2260 is respectable. Its plastic shell and output tray seem rather sturdy, and the power cord is detachable, making it simple to replace if necessary. By opening the top cover, it gives easy access to paper jams and ink tanks. Although the scanner lid can remain open on its own, the lid dampener isn’t very good, so if you don’t guide it down carefully, it might smash close. The individual ink covers, however, seem fragile. Also, as it only has a USB Type-B connector, you cannot use it wirelessly or connect it to your network via an Ethernet cable. Strangely, the necessary USB cable is not provided in the packaging.


Given its size, the Canon G2260 shouldn’t occupy much desk space. Because of its scanner, it is a little bit higher than the Canon PIXMA G1220.

Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2260 All-In-One Inkjet Printer Black 4466C002 - Best  Buy
A computer screen

The LCD screen of the Canon PIXMA G2260 is subpar. It is a vertically inclined, two-line mono LCD. If you’re facing it straight, it’s easy to see, but if you’re looking at it from the side, it’s difficult to notice. The panel has 12 physical buttons that may be used for menu navigation and other functions.


The supertank mechanism on the Canon PIXMA G2260 is amazing. It makes use of four large-capacity tanks that you may fill with ink bottles as opposed to disposable cartridges. You shouldn’t need to refill these tanks very frequently because they produce an impressive amount of pages. It comes with three sizable black ink bottles that should last you a while, just as the Canon PIXMA G1220. But, if the black ink tank is empty, the printer won’t let you continue printing in color.


On the flatbed scanner, this printer can scan at 48 bits, but when the data is sent to the computer, it is reduced to 24 bits. The accurate color depth test result should be 24-bit since we take into account the value the computer gets after the scan is processed for our assessment. Thus, we revised the evaluation. In order to make the resolution of the scan more clear, we also included words.

Canon PIXMA G2260 Review -
The scanning functions of the Canon PIXMA G2260 are adequate. Although it lacks a sheetfed scanner, it does offer a high-resolution flatbed scanner with raiseable hinges for scanning heavy objects. By default, the printer scans at 600 DPI, but you may adjust the parameters to get a higher quality. Change the Output Resolution to 1200 DPI while using the Canon IJ Scan Utility software’s Scan Gear, Advanced Mode, and Scan Gear.

Print quickly

Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2260 All-In-One Inkjet Printer Black 4466C002 - Best  Buy

The printing speed of the Canon G2260 is subpar. A black-only text document takes a while to print the first page, and succeeding pages don’t print much quicker. The good news is that color papers print quite slowly whereas photographs print pretty rapidly. Because it can’t print double-sided automatically, you must manually turn over each page as needed. The Epson EcoTank ET-2850 is a supertank that automatically prints on both sides.


The connection choices for the Canon G2260 are terrible. It can only print when connected directly to your computer using a USB-A to USB-B connector, just as the Canon PIXMA G1220. It’s strange that the cord isn’t provided with the printer. Check out its wireless printing counterpart, the Canon PIXMA G3260.

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