Best Printer HP DeskJet Plus Review: That’s HP DeskJet Plus 4120

A color printer, scanner, and copier with Wi-Fi, the HP DeskJet Plus 4120 is designed with budget-conscious shoppers in mind.

Originally costing roughly £100, it is now offered for a much more appealing £60 in the UK, $100 in Australia, and $99.99 in the United States under the name HP DeskJet Plus 4155, which has the same functionality and also works with Amazon Alexa.

You may subscribe to HP’s Instant Ink programs, and when your supply is about to run out, new cartridges will be delivered to you automatically. Depending on how frequently you print, it may be relatively affordable to run as this is a far more affordable way to obtain ink than purchasing cartridges separately.

It may be connected to a computer or laptop using a USB connection, but like other contemporary printers, the HP DeskJet Plus 4120 also supports wireless printing from nearly all devices, including Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Macs.

Create & Build

Aproximate dimensions of the HP DeskJet Plus 4120 are 200 x 428 x 332 mm. The DeskJet Plus 4120 is unlike a typical cuboid since the front side is slanted forward, giving it the appearance of a Sandcrawler, which will appeal to Star Wars aficionados.

HP DeskJet Plus 4120 (4155) Review: All-in-one Printer Review - Tech Advisor

Over the scanner bed, on the top, a document feeder (ADF) is raised. The cartridge cradle (shown below) is accessible on many all-in-one printers by lifting the lid, but on this model, everything is concealed behind a panel that is located beneath the main paper out tray. Pull this down when it’s ready to swap out the cartridges, and the cradle will whir into place. The cartridges simply clip in and out.

Paper is fed into the machine at the back by a hopper that can take up to 60 A4 sheets, while the ADF can handle up to 35 pages. With the help of a little additional arm that extends out to the right, the out-tray folds down. There are lines and markings all around, and the main hopper has a blue plastic slide that aids in aligning the items.

You can quickly check ink levels on a small LCD monitor on the right side, but it doesn’t do much more than that. You will use the HP Smart desktop and mobile apps for routine tasks as well as for setting up the HP DeskJet Plus 4120.

Installing programs, and wireless printing

The HP Smart app is the finest tool to use for configuring the HP DeskJet Plus 4120 on a Windows or Mac desktop computer or laptop that is linked to the printer through a USB connection. Install the app on your smartphone, set up all of the connections, switch on the printer, and then wait for the program to recognize the printer.

Give yourself a total of about 15-20 minutes to do this because it might take some time. Sending print jobs to the printer through Wi-Fi is simple after setup is finished and the printer is linked to your Wi-Fi network.

The HP DeskJetPlus 4120 is an Apple AirPrint compatible printer, so Windows users may need to download and install the necessary drivers in order to send print instructions to it. MacOS users won’t need to do either of those things and can simply add the printer to their list of devices as they normally would. You can print from your smartphones after installing HP Smart for iOS and Android, however AirPrint again means the 4120 should appear on an iPhone or iPad without needing to be loaded.

The mobile applications are a lot of fun since you can print anything on your smartphone, including selfies, memes, panoramas from your vacation, and pictures of your pets. Images may be cropped, adjusted, and improved with filters before you push the large “Print” icon.

HP DeskJet Plus 4120 All-in-One white, ink, multicoloured (3XV14B) starting  from £ 73.99 (2023) | Price Comparison Skinflint UK
The majority of the time, sending print jobs over Wi-Fi is hassle-free, but if you want to put the DeskJetPlus 4120 in a spot with poor Wi-Fi coverage, it could be time to buy a new Wi-Fi router or a mesh Wi-Fi system.

Both mobile applications allow you to print files that are saved in cloud storage, however the iOS version now supports a larger range of names than the Android app, including Google Drive, Google Photos, Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, Box, and iCloud.

These applications do not allow you to clean the printer nozzle or realign the printhead if your printer starts printing pictures that are not aligned, but they do allow you to check how much ink is left in the tank. You must utilize the desktop programs for all of that type of thing.

The HP DeskJet Plus 4120 supports Mopria, a cross-platform standard, so Android users can send files and images to the printer quickly and easily (without downloading the HP app) by simply tapping the “Share” icon in the majority of apps, including your phone’s native gallery, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Docs, and others.


DeskJet Plus 4120 is quite quick. In my experiments, it really performed a bit better than the 8.5 pages per minute promised by the official spec sheet when printing plain text.

While printing 20 pages of black text, I averaged a page-per-minute rate of 9.3ppm, which was quicker than the HP Envy Pro 6420 and Canon Pixma TS7450/1.

Nevertheless, printing anything in color takes a bit longer. It took 3 minutes and 58 seconds to complete a 20-page document containing text and color images, or around 5 pages per minute.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155/4140 Printer Review - YouTube
Printing a photo on normal A4 paper typically takes 53 seconds, whereas printing a glossy photo on a 10 × 15 cm piece of paper takes about 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Text quality was adequate but not outstanding at Normal quality. Serifs occasionally seemed blurry, and characters like “k,” “x,” and “w” occasionally bled. Only Best offers quality that is truly acceptable, which naturally requires more ink and makes you wait a little longer for pages to appear.

Fortunately, both the graphics and the photographs are excellent, with the large color blocks on the bar graphs, logos, and diagrams looking clear and bold. Even on plain paper, skin tones in photographs appear realistic, and photographs printed on glossies look excellent.

The one difficulty I had with glossy prints was that when ‘fit to page’ was chosen on the mobile applications, getting photographs to line in the center of 10 x 15 cm paper didn’t always work. This can be manually offset, but it will take some trial and error.


Although the HP DeskJet Plus 4120 is an excellent all-in-one printer for the money, using it without an Instant Ink subscription is pricey. Although several shortcomings, such as average text quality and out-of-place photographs, prevent it from being the deal of the century, if you can live with them, it’s still a fantastic purchase.

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