Apple 2022 iPad Air Review: Form A to Z

On March 9, the iPad Air 5 line, an improved tablet line, had its official release. Let’s assess this iPad with Dien May Xanh to determine whether you ought to purchase an iPad Air 5 or not.

1,Characteristic square design


In general, the design of the new product iPad Air 5 has not changed too much compared to the previous However, if you are a true iFans, you can see the advantages of a more perfect design, a thin and light body for a firm grip.

iPad Air 5 has a square design with monolithic aluminum material , which not only makes the product luxurious and sophisticated, but also durable, limiting fingerprints thanks to its rough back.

The device is supplemented with many youthful and modern colors, a total of 5 color versions: Gray, silver, pink, purple, blue for you to freely choose to suit your preferences.

Color iPad Air 5

iPad Air 5 includes 5 color versions: Gray, silver, pink, purple, blue


The dimensions of the iPad Air 5 have not changed compared to the previous generation: 247.6mm long  – 178.5mm wide – 6.1mm thick gives you a firm grip, with  extreme portability, can be easily Put it in your backpack or bag and take it everywhere. 

Dimensions iPad Air 5

The size of the iPad Air 5 has not changed compared to the previous generation


True to the name of the Air series, the iPad Air 5 is that weighs only 461g, extremely light compared to a mid-sized tablet.

Therefore, the device is highly appreciated by many users for its slim, compact weight and good grip feeling, making it easy to put in a bag, backpack to take anywhere.

iPad Air 5 . Weight

Slim, compact iPad Air 5 weight

2,The screen design remains unchanged

The 10.9-inch iPad Air 5 screen  with a resolution of 1640 x 2360 Pixels supports the product to display images in a sharp, realistic way, giving you an enjoyable experience watching movies or playing games more eye-catching than ever. run out of.

In addition, the product screen is also refined and seamless by the manufacturer with screen technology , combined with a brightness of 500 nits to give you a vivid and realistic experience on each picture frame.

The screen design remains unchanged

iPad Air 5 screen has the same design compared to its predecessor

3,Camera configuration is appreciated

The camera configuration of the iPad Air 5 is highly appreciated by customers to experts. If the resolution of the rear camera remains the same with  12MP , f/1.8 aperture , then not to disappoint users’ expectations, the front camera has also been upgraded to  12MP.

Not stopping there, the lens of the product has the application of Ultra-Wide technology with the ability to shoot wide-angle up to  122 degrees . You can take extremely sharp photos, record videos with  24/25/30/60fps , especially with support to help sharper image quality.

Camera configuration is appreciated

Take sharp pictures with a quality camera

4,Powerful M1 chip performance

The iPad Air 5’s revolutionary update comes with the potent M1 chip, which boosts both the CPU and GPU by a combined 60% above that of the previous model.

Apple has boldly concentrated on the fluid gameplay on iPad Air 5, promising to give consumers a fantastic “combat game” experience thanks to the greatly improved powerful performance.

The iPad Air 5 differs from the iPad Air 2020 and the iPad Pro M1 in the following specifications:

improvements over the iPad Air 2020:

  • The M1 chip has more strength.
  • RAM 8GB.
  • The Center Stage is supported by the 12MP ultrawide selfie camera.
  • 5G sub-6GHz.
  • USB-C is twice as quick.

Distinctions from the iPad Pro M1:

  • The screen is less than 0.1 inches and does not enable 120Hz ProMotion.
  • Without Face ID.
  • Lower memory option.
  • There is no extra wide angle or LiDAR on the primary camera.
  • Thunderbolt 4 is not USB-C, and 5G sub-6GHz is slower than mmWave.

Powerful M1 chip performance

iPad Air 5 is equipped with M1 chip with 60% more powerful CPU than its predecessor.

5, Support connecting accessories

Apple Pencil

iPad Air 5 also supports connecting like theseries , iPad Air 4,with high sensitivity , making it easier to manipulate the device.

As a great product for those who are passionate about painting, product design, etc., Apple Pencil will be an effective support tool for users, helping you to manipulate quickly with high accuracy. .

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil with high sensitivity, quick operation

Magic Keyboard (Magic Keyboard)

Besides the virtual right on the screen to input data, you can equip a removable keyboard  with modern design, extremely portable features, light weight of only 390g , can be easily used put it in a backpack or bag and carry it everywhere.

In addition, the mechanism under each key as well as the optimized and low-profile key travel provides a smooth and precise typing experience, quick text editing, and limited errors when operating on one key. significantly.

Magic Keyboard (Magic Keyboard)

Magic Keyboard detachable keyboard supports precise and smooth typing

6, Battery capacity is stable

The iPad Air 5 device has a stable battery capacity of about 28.6 Wh , with a battery life of  24 hours and the ability to open the device continuously for up to 7 hours,  sure to satisfy you when you can use it. it’s for work or fun.

Besides, iPad Air 5 also supports 20W , helping you to shorten the charging time significantly.

Battery capacity is stable

Battery capacity is stable

Apple iPad Air 5 (2022) review: Verdict

Others have expressed a similar curiosity about the iPad Air 5 (2022), particularly in light of how similar and powerful the iPad Pro 11in is. But now that the Air has the M1 CPU, I believe it would be more legitimate to ask what the purpose of the smaller iPad Pro is.

The iPad Air offers a fairly similar overall experience and performance for a much lower price if you don’t mind giving up the Pro’s 120Hz display, Face ID camera, and somewhat better audio system.

Also, you get a laptop alternative here that is just as powerful as a MacBook Air but costs up to £300 less. There’s no doubting that the iPad Air from 2022 offers a tremendous value despite its smaller screen and 64GB of base storage.

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