Apple 10.2-inch 2021 iPad Review: Form A to Z

The 5th generation is here – right at the launch at the “Peek Performance” event on March 8, 2022, along with the SE 2022, the new Mac Studio and many other Apple products. defect. Although it seems that the new generation of iPads looks almost exactly like the old version, Apple still has certain upgrades inside that make it a more direct competitor to the  than ever.


The appearance of the iPad Air is instantly recognizable, thanks to the overall design somewhat similar to the and recent iPhone models. Unlike previous versions, the new iPad Air is somewhat more angular, but that does not create an uncomfortable feeling in the hand.

Indeed, the overall quality lends itself to a premium feel, through the anodised aluminum lines that feel smooth to the touch. Light weight is also an advantage for this 10.9-inch model , with only 469g (or 478g if you choose the 5G version) and an impressive thickness of only 6.1mm.

will include 5 color versions, with 4 previous versions from iPad mini including Space Grey, Starlight, Pink and Purple. The new Blue color version arrives this time, which is a color that appeared for the first time and is exclusive to the iPad Air 5.

The volume up and down buttons are located in the upper left corner when rotated vertically and can change depending on the rotation direction of the tablet. That means the volume up button can be on the bottom when you flip the bottom edge up. In short, the volume button will automatically change to suit the direction in which you rotate the device. This feature first appeared on the iPad Mini, it’s not a huge improvement, but a small gesture that makes everyday use more convenient.

Besides, like the tradition of iOS devices in general or iPad in particular recently, Touch ID is integrated in the power button, the stereo speakers are located on opposite sides. The USB-C port also located on the bottom of the machine has also improved data transfer speeds – we will talk more about it later.

One of the main differences between the iPad mini and the iPad Air (besides size) is accessory support. Both are compatible with the second-generation Apple Pencil, which can be attached to the side with magnets, but only the iPad Air has a Smart Connector port on the bottom edge and is compatible with the Magic Keyboard.

Despite its high price and relatively heavy weight, the Apple Magic Keyboard specifically turns the iPad Air into a 2-in-1 computer, thanks to the upgraded chip inside and the split-screen feature, it has can become a laptop. Details about Magic Keyboard I will not mention here, everyone can refer to it.

Although there is no significant difference in size when compared to other iPad Air models, the test product submitted for review has a certain amount of flex on the back – so much so that the components can be felt. inside touches the back plate after pressing with a very light force. Perhaps because this is a sample that has not been officially sold to the market, it has problems in quality control, hopefully after Apple officially sells , this will improve.

Of course, to better protect this back, you can buy it with an Apple Smart Folio leather case, but for $79 (equivalent to 1.8 million VND), this is not a good price when this priced from $ 599 (about 13.7 million).


While the iPad Air has closed the gap with  more than ever, there is still a certain level of hierarchy: the display. It’s not just the 0.1-inch size difference between the iPad Pro and the iPad Air.

In fact, you’ll see the same resolution of 2360 x 1640 pixels for a pixel density of 264ppi on both as the iPad Pro, but the hierarchical thing between the Pro and the Air is Apple ProMotion – the technology that’s speed-compatible on its . refreshes the screen, providing a smooth touch experience with frequencies up to 120Hz. The iPad Air, like the default iPad collection, is limited to a base frequency of 60Hz.

The result is games apps that aren’t quite as smooth as it can be, but that’s a default standard for almost all tablet models currently on the market.

That’s not to say the visual experience on the iPad Air 5 isn’t good. The screen is still the brightest point of Apple products ever, high brightness, good details, vibrant colors when playing games, watching movies or composing a few emails. The HDR10 standard is also supported, making the content viewed on  more vibrant thanks to the high dynamic range, and the maximum brightness of up to 471cd/m2 in the test.

However, a really disappointing point is that Apple equips IPS LCD panels on the new iPad Air instead of Mini-LED, OLED or AMOLED, which means that the blacks are not as deep as on Samsung’s AMOLED models. or 12.9 – although it is intended for “Pro” users rather than everyday users.

Features and Performance 

Apple designed and made the 5th generation tablet of the Air line aimed at students, students, content creators and gamers, all of whom need the best performance in a small design. compact. With that philosophy, Apple has decided to take the iPad Air line to a new level when moving away from the A-series chip used on iPhones and previous iPad Air models to the M-series chip that is being used on iPad Pro. or Mac series.

More specifically, the iPad Air has an Apple M1 chip equivalent to the iPad Pro or even the Macbook Air, Mac Mini and 24 inch iMac with 8GB of RAM and 64/256GB memory versions to choose from. Apple claims that with the new chip, the iPad Air has a 60% increase in CPU performance and up to 2 times the graphics performance.

Compared to  , the new iPad Air offers a significantly higher level of performance, but with the limitation that the screen only has a 60Hz refresh rate along with the standard Liquid Retina panel. For those who want a smooth screen experience when playing games, the  will be more suitable.

The new product in the iPad Air line is also more powerful than most Android rivals in terms of CPU, promising to deliver twice the performance of the , which is equipped with the top chip from Qualcomm – Snapdragon 8. Gen 1, although the screen refresh rate is still not enough to show the full performance of the chip.

There will be some controversy that a chip that is too powerful will be redundant in a tablet, but it will allow the iPad Air to continue to enter the top of the highest performing mobile products, allowing developers to relax. deploy your application more and more features almost like a calculator.

Through the table below, you will see howRevealed in advance that it is very powerful! As expected, “lightning fast” is all that can describe the experience on the iPad Air 5.

The game runs smoothly, although only limited to 60fps to sync with the refresh rate. Image editing on this device is also quite good, thanks to the powerful chip, the preview and render raats are smooth, there is rarely any lag unless you apply heavy effects.

It is also a useful tool for content creators, with a new update of Apple’s popular “homegrown” movie editing application – iMovie, editing movies has become simpler and simpler. and with less effort, with the M1 you can also hope for a fast render time.

Besides, the new iPad Air can also handle multiple applications at the same time for multi-tasking, fully supporting drag and drop. That’s a boon for students – especially when paired with the Apple Magic Keyboard, the accessory turns your tablet into a 2-in-1 laptop. In addition to performance, Apple also improved the USB-C port, now supporting the USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 standard with high transfer speeds of up to 10Gbits/s, while its predecessor only had maximum speeds of up to 10Gbits/s. multi 5Gbits/s.

Along with that is the 5G connection upgraded from 4G LTE, if you choose the Cellular version – although the price will increase, so choosing the Wifi version will save a part of the cost if you only use it at home or places with full Wifi coverage. Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5 are also supported on the new iPad Air. Touch ID integrated into the power button instead of Face ID will be the security method on the device – what distinguishes the iPad Air from the


While the camera race on tablets can hardly be as attractive as phone products. Apple still decided to upgrade the front camera of . That means it has a 12MP ultra-wide-angle front-facing camera, making it perfect for group selfies, but it’s not a major upgrade. Instead, Apple Center Stage is what’s carried over to the new iPad Air, making video calling, a feature common on tablets, easier.

In terms of front camera quality, the 12MP sensor produces detailed images in ideal lighting conditions, with average brightness and high color accuracy, although the f/2.4 aperture will be at a disadvantage in lighting conditions. weak. The rear camera is still similar but with an aperture of f / 1.8, there is nothing to say too much about this camera cluster when it fully meets the normal shooting needs of users, of course, the camera cluster of the iPhone 13 Pro cannot be required  on an iPad Air 5.

Battery life and charging

The battery of remains the same as the tradition of this product line, Apple claims the tablet will have 10 hours of battery life with high performance usage. While normal users can even come several days. The new iPad Air also supports fast charging through the included 20W charger in the box (different from iPhone) to help users reduce waiting time for device charging. With the above charging capacity, this is not a fast number, but if given another high-end tablet on the market, the with a 25W charger, in 30 minutes both can charge 25 % and 29%.


The new iPad Air of course comes with iPadOS 15.4 out of the box. Although Android 12L is appearing on large-screen tablet devices, when compared to iPadOS, the operating system from Apple is still leading among mobile operating systems for tablets .

The strength of iPadOS is the huge store of apps and games that are well optimized on the App Store, when compared to competitors from Android, iPadOS applications take advantage of the large screen of iPad, thereby providing a great experience. Better experience when compared to Android tablets which enlarge the phone app.


Continues to be a quality addition to Apple in this 2022, when bringing down points from the high-end iPad Pro 11 line but without raising the price too high. The machine does everything you want in a tablet, but with the M1 chip, you can do even more thanks to the high performance it brings.

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